For Children

•   Infants (12 - 18 Months)

We have two infant rooms, each with a maximum capacity of four. Being as we only accept children over 12 months, the ratio in these rooms will always be one to four. Having these small groups of children allows for plenty of one-on-one time between the children and our caring teachers! Our infants will be exposed to a variety of sensory, physical, multicultural, and artistic activities that cover our five core learning topics.

•   Toddlers (19 - 35 Months)

Our toddler room has a capacity of 11 and will have two teachers present at all time. With the ratio in this room being one to six, we have an enhanced ratio. This provides both the children and teachers with plenty of time to build relationships and explore! Our toddlers will be exposed to a variety of toys within the classroom, as well as an exciting planned activity each day. These children will be able to participate in experiences that enhance their vocabulary, fine motor skills, and their sense of self/other.

•   Preschoolers (3 to 4.5 Years)

We have two preschool rooms: one for our older preschoolers and one for our younger preschoolers. Our preschool program is a fusion of the best from several proven educational programs and builds on our toddler program by developing important life skills such as problem-solving and communicative practices. Our younger preschool room offers enhanced ratios for these busy little people and our older preschool room has a small group of 8 children.

•  Kindergarten (4.5 - 6 Years)

We offer before and after school care for kindergarteners! Children will be able to have that half day at kindergarten full of stricter learning experiences, as well as still being given the opportunity to learn through play and have fun. Having our kindergarten program means that children who grow up at this centre have somewhere familiar and safe to return to (or start out in) during this tough transition. During our nap time, this group will be able to expel some energy in our large outside area! This room has a ratio of one to ten, but with the capacity being 16, we have an enhanced ratio.

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